Mohamed Fathi Abdallah

Two Master's students gratduated from our lab


Congratulations to Eleonora Valentia Sode Muda (From Indonesia) & Maria Gracia Guzman Velasquez (from Venezuela) for defending their Master’s at Ghent University (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering).

The two theses were under the supervision of Prof. Andreja Rajkovic (promoter), Dr. Mohamed Fathi Abdallah (co-promoter) and Mr. Wannes H.R. Van Hassel (tutor from Sciensano for Maria Gracia).

Eleonora studied the in vitro hepatic and intestinal toxicity of nanoplastics & microcystins (MC-LR) in the framework of the EU Imptox project, while Maria studied the natural accumulation and depuration of microcystins (MC-LR) in basil in the framework of the Cyantir project.

Congratulations Lora and Maria and all the best in their future endeavours!

Picture Location: Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, UGent.