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➤ Research Articles

2024 Publications

27) Z Zhu, W Guo, H Cheng, H Zhao, J Wang, MF Abdallah, X Zhou, H Lei, W Tu, H Wang, J Yang (2024).
Co-contamination and interactions of multiple mycotoxins and heavy metals in rice, maize, soybeans, and wheat flour marketed in Shanghai City. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 134695. [Link].

26) S Yang, H Lin, P Yang, J Meng, MF Abdallah, Y Shencheng, R Li, J Li, S Liu, Q Li, P Lu, R Zhang, Y Li (2024).
Advancing High-Throughput MS-Based Protein Quantification: A Case Study on Quantifying 10 Major Food Allergens by LC-MS/MS Using a One-Sample Multipoint External Calibration Curve. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 3c08362. [Link].

25) WR Van Hassel, MF Abdallah, MG Velasquez, C Miles, I Samdal, J Masquelier, A Rajkovic (2024).
Experimental accumulation and depuration kinetics and natural occurrence of microcystin-LR in basil (Ocimum basilicum L.). Environmental Pollution, 123715. [Link].

24) K Aghebatbinyeganeh, M Movassaghghazani, MF Abdallah, (2024).
Seasonal Variation and Risk Assessment of Exposure to Aflatoxin M1 in Milk, Yoghurt, and Cheese Samples from Ilam and Lorestan Provinces of Iran. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 106083. [Link].

2023 Publications

23) M Gao, MF Abdallah, M Song, Y Xu, D Sun, P Lu, J Wang (2023).
Novel Endophytic Pseudescherichia sp. GSE25 Strain Significantly Controls Fusarium graminearum and Reduces Deoxynivalenol in Wheat. Toxins 15 (12), 702. (Open Access) [Link] [Download PDF].

22) M Gao, M Zhang, J Zhang, X Yang, MF Abdallah, J Wang (2023).
Phylogenetic Variation of Tri1 Gene and Development of PCR–RFLP Analysis for the Identification of NX Genotypes in Fusarium graminearum Species Complex. Toxins 15 (12), 692. (Open Access) [Link] [Download PDF].

21) M Vandecasteele, T Depaepe, MF Abdallah, S De Saeger, M Höfte, G Haesaert, D Vab Der Straeten, K Audenaert (2023).
Ethylene production during Alternaria infections on potato plants and its antagonistic role in virulence of different Alternaria species. Plant Pathology, 00, 1–13. [Link].

20) S Yang, J Chen, MF Abdallah, H Lin, P Yang, J Li, R Zhang, Q Li, P Lu, S Liu, Y Li (2023).
An integrated calibration strategy for the development and validation of an LC-MS/MS method for accurate quantification of egg allergens (Gal d 1–6) in foods. Food Chemistry, 135593. [Link].

19) C Van Camp, W Van Hassel, MF Abdallah, J Masquelier (2023).
Simultaneous Detection and Quantification of Aflatoxin M1, Eight Microcystin Congeners and Nodularin in Dairy Milk by LC-MS/MS. Chemosensors, 2023, 11(10), 511. (Open Access) [Link] [Download PDF].

18) F Sun, P Wu, MF Abdallah, H Tan, Y Li, S Yang (2023).
One sample multi-point calibration curve as a novel approach for quantitative LC-MS analysis: the quantitation of six aflatoxins in milk and oat-based milk as an example. Food Chemistry, 135593. [Link].

17) X Chen, MF Abdallah, C Grootaert, F Van Nieuwerburgh, A Rajkovic (2023).
New insights into the combined toxicity of aflatoxin B1 and fumonisin B1 in HepG2 cells using Seahorse respirometry analysis and RNA transcriptome sequencing. Environment International, 107945. (Open Access) [Link] [Download PDF].

16) Y Tian, MF Abdallah, M De Boevre, K Audenaert, C Wang, S De Saege, A Wu (2023).
Deciphering Alternaria metabolic responses in microbial confrontation via an integrated mass spectrometric targeted and non-targeted strategy. Food Chemistry, 134694. [Link].

15) H Zhang, Y Li, MF Abdallah, H Tan, J Li, S Liu, R Zhang, F Sun, Y Li, S Yang (2023).
Novel one-point calibration strategy for high-throughput quantitation of microcystins in freshwater using LC-MS/MS. Science of The Total Environment, 159345. [Link].

2022 Publications

14) H Zhang, MF Abdallah, J Zhang, Y Yu, Q Zhao, C Tang, Y Qin, J Zhang (2022).
Comprehensive quantitation of multi-signature peptides originating from casein for the discrimination of milk from eight different animal species using LC-HRMS with stable isotope labeled peptides. Food Chemistry, 390, 133126. [Link].

13) H Tan, F Sun, MF Abdallah, J Li, J Zhou, Y Li, S Yang (2022).
Background ions into exclusion list: A new strategy to enhance the efficiency of DDA data collection for high-throughput screening of chemical contaminations in food. Food Chemistry, 385, 132669. [Link].

12) X Chen, MF Abdallah, C Grootaert, A Rajkovic (2022).
Bioenergetic status of the intestinal and hepatic cells after short term exposure to fumonisin B1 and aflatoxin B1. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23 (13), 6945. (Open Access) [Link] [Download PDF].

11) F Sun, H Tan, MF Abdallah, J Li, J Zhou, Y Li, S Yang (2022).
A novel calibration strategy based on isotopic distribution for high-throughput quantitative analysis of pesticides and veterinary drugs using LC-HRMS. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 430, 128413. [Link].

2021 Publications

10) I Vanhoutte, C De Tender, K Demeyere, MF Abdallah, S Ommeslag, P Vermeir, S De Saeger, J Debode, E Meyer, S Croubels, K Audenaert, L De Gelder (2021).
Bacterial Enrichment Cultures Biotransform the Mycotoxin Deoxynivalenol into a Novel Metabolite Toxic to Plant and Porcine Cells. Toxins, 13 (8), 552. (Open Access) [Link] [Download PDF].

9) L De Colli, K De Ruyck, MF Abdallah, J Finnan, E Mullins, S Kildea, J Spink, C Elliott, M Danaher (2021).
Natural co-occurrence of multiple mycotoxins in unprocessed oats grown in Ireland with various production systems. Toxins, 13 (3), 188. (Open Access) [Link] [Download PDF].

2020 Publications

8) MF Abdallah*, K Audenaert, SD Saeger, J Houbraken (2020).
Revisiting an Aspergillus flavus Strain Isolated from an Egyptian Sugarcane Field in 1930. Microorganisms, 8 (11), 1633. (Open Access) [Link] [Download PDF].

7) J Tan†, M Ameye†, S Landschoot, N De Zutter, S De Saeger, M De Boevre, MF Abdallah, T Van der Lee, C Waalwijk, K Audenaert (2020).
At the scene of the crime: New insights into the role of weakly pathogenic members of the fusarium head blight disease complex. Molecular Plant Pathology, 21 (12), 1559-1572. (Open Access) [Link] [Download PDF].

6) MF Abdallah*, K Audenaert, L Lust, S Landschoot, B Bekaert, G Haesaert, M De Boevre, S De Saeger (2020).
Risk characterization and quantification of mycotoxins and their producing fungi in sugarcane juice: A neglected problem in a widely-consumed traditional beverage. Food Control, 108, 106811. [Link].

Before 2020 Publications

5) MF Abdallah*, G Girgin, T Baydar (2019).
Mycotoxin detection in maize, commercial feed, and raw dairy milk samples from Assiut City, Egypt. Veterinary Sciences, 6 (2), 57. (Open Access) [Link] [Download PDF].

4) MF Abdallah*, M De Boevre, S Landschoot, S De Saeger, G Haesaert, K Audenaert (2018).
Fungal Endophytes Control Fusarium graminearum and Reduce Trichothecenes and Zearalenone in Maize. Toxins, 10 (12), 493. (Open Access) [Link] [Download PDF].

3) MF Abdallah*, R Krska, M Sulyok (2018).
Occurrence of Ochratoxins, Fumonisin B2, Aflatoxins (B1 and B2), and Other Secondary Fungal Metabolites in Dried Date Palm Fruits from Egypt: A Mini‐Survey. Journal of Food Science, 83 (2), 559-564. [Link].

2) MF Abdallah, G Girgin, T Baydar, R Krska, M Sulyok (2017).
Occurrence of multiple mycotoxins and other fungal metabolites in animal feed and maize samples from Egypt using LC‐MS/MS. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 97 (13), 4419-4428. [Link].

1) MF Abdallah, R Krska, M Sulyok (2016).
Mycotoxin contamination in sugarcane grass and juice: first report on detection of multiple mycotoxins and exposure assessment for aflatoxins B1 and G1 in humans. Toxins, 8 (11), 343. (Open Access) [Link] [Download PDF].

➤ Reviews

6) MF Abdallah*, M Gado, D Abdelsadek, F Zahran, NN El-Salhey, O Mehrez, S Abdel-Hay, SM Mohamed, K De Ruyck, S Yang, GB Gonzales, E Varga (2023).
Mycotoxin contamination in the Arab world: Highlighting the main knowledge gaps and the current legislation. Mycotoxin Research, 1-26. [Link].

5) X Chen, MF Abdallah, X Chen, A Rajkovic (2023).
Current Knowledge of Individual and Combined Toxicities of Aflatoxin B1 and Fumonisin B1 In Vitro. Toxins, 15 (11), 653. (Open Access) [Link] [Download PDF].

4) X Chen, MF Abdallah, S Landschoot, K Audenaert, S De Saeger, A Rajkovic (2023).
Aspergillus flavus and Fusarium verticillioides and Their Main Mycotoxins: Global Distribution and Scenarios of Interactions in Maize. Toxins, 15 (9), 577. (Open Access) [Link] [Download PDF].

3) R Tavelli, M Callens, C Grootaert, MF Abdallah, A Rajkovic (2022).
Foodborne pathogens in the plastisphere: Can microplastics in the food chain threaten microbial food safety?. Trends in Food Science & Technology, 129, 1-10. (Open Access) [Link] [Download PDF].

2) MF Abdallah*, WHR Van Hassel, M Andjelkovic, A Wilmotte, A Rajkovic (2021).
Cyanotoxins and Food Contamination in Developing Countries: Review of Their Types, Toxicity, Analysis, Occurrence and Mitigation Strategies. Toxins, 13 (11), 786. (Open Access) [Link] [Download PDF].

1) MF Abdallah, G Girgin, T Baydar (2015).
Occurrence, prevention and limitation of mycotoxins in feeds. Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology, 15 (3), 471-490. (Open Access) [Link] [Download PDF].

➤ Book Chapters

1) MF Abdallah*, M Ameye, S De Saeger, K Audenaert, G Haesaert (2018).
Biological control of mycotoxigenic fungi and their toxins: An update for the pre-harvest approach. Book Name Fungi and Mycotoxins-Their Occurrence, Impact on Health and the Economy as well as Pre-and Postharvest Management Strategies. IntechOpen, (Open Access) [Link] [Download PDF].

➤ Editorials

3) MF Abdallah*, W Xu and A Abdeen (2022).
Editorial: Environmental contaminants and animal health: Analysis, toxicity, and mitigation. Front. Vet. Sci. 9:1102836. (Open Access) [Link] [Download PDF].

2) M Gado, D Abdelsadek, F Zahran, NN El-Salhey, O Mehrez, S Abdel-Hay, S Mohamed, MF Abdallah* (2022).
Mycotoxin occurrence in Egyptian foods: Highlights on the findings of the past decade. Egypt Scholars Journal, 1 (1), 1-3. (Open Access) [Link] [Download PDF].

1) MF Abdallah*, M De Boevre, K Audenaert, G Haesaert, S De Saeger (2018).
Highlight report: Mycotoxins as food contaminants in Africa—challenges and perspectives. Archives of Toxicology, 92 (6), 2151-2152. (Open Access) [Link] [Download PDF].

➤ Correspondence

1) MF Abdallah, A Briend, GB Gonzales (2021).
Aflatoxins and kwashiorkor: a commentary on the association-causation conundrum. Toxicon, 190 (January), 20-21. [Link].

➤ Editor of Book (Chapters) or Journal Issue

Journal Issue

1) Dr. E Varga, Dr. MF Abdallah, Dr. S Yang .
Current Research on Mycotoxins in Food and Feed: From Detection and Unravelling of Toxicity to Control.
Toxins, 2023. [Link]. Submission deadline December 2023.

2) Dr. A Abdeen, Dr. MF Abdallah, Dr. W Xu.
Environmental contaminants and animal health : analysis, toxicity, and mitigation.
Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 2022. [Link]. Submission deadline August 2022.