Mohamed Fathi Abdallah

Mohamed Fathi Abdallah

Short Bio (last update: Janurary 2024)

Researcher in Food Toxicology and Human Health.
F.R.S-FNRS mandate. Host institute University of Mons, Belgium.

My research spans from detection of natural toxins, such as mycotoxins and cyanobacterial toxins, in food and water through to the application of -Omics approach to understand the effect of a mixture of toxins and other environmental contaminantes as micro- and nanoplastics on humans.

Previous Education, Training & Working experience

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20 December 2023

Mycotoxin contamination in the Arab world

Our review paper about "mycotoxin contamination in the Arab world" is now online in Mycotoxin Research Journal (the official publication of the Society for Mycotoxin Research).

More information through this link: Page redirect

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20 July 2023

Data Managment Plan Lecture

Introduction to DMP for the selected students for the Advanced Lab 10 -Egypt Scholars Organization under the theme (Towards Mitigating the Climate Change Crisis).

More information at: Data Managment Plan Lecture

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